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The Toxi-ChromoTestTM procedure exposes the bacteria to the toxicants in the sample for a short (90-minute) incubation period. After the incubation period, a chromogenic substrate is added. If the sample is toxic, no colour will develop and if the sample is non-toxic, a distinctive blue colour quickly develops. The kit provides a clear, completely objective measurement of the toxicity of the sample by a simple visual qualitative evaluation of the colour obtained, or quantitatively by spectrophotometry using a micro-plate reader.

Toxi-ChromoTest Presentation

biotoxicity assay for acute toxicity

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EBPI Toxi-ChromoTest Excel Worksheet

acute bacterial biotoxicity test

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Toxi-ChromoTest Flow Chart

acute biotoxicity

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The Toxi-ChromoTestTM kit endpoint is either partial or complete enzyme inhibition related to toxic stress the test organism is exposed to. Its endpoint is a simple color change that can be determined visually or using a plate reader at a wavelength of 610nm for a quick and easy toxicity test.
The Toxi-ChromoTestTM kit contains three sets of components and, therefore, allows four separate testing procedures to be completed at the same or different times.

In 2006, the Toxi-ChromoTestTM was verified by the ETV program under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Each Toxi-ChromoTest kit can be used for a total of 192 tests. These tests must include standards and controls (using at least 32 units.) Thus, a single kit can screen 160 samples for yes/no response without replicates.
It is necessary to allow sample dilutions and replicates, thus testing of no more than 20 samples with each kit for reliable and quantitative bioassays is recommended.

Applications for the Toxi-ChromoTest include

  1. Screening of effluents for changes in toxicity levels monitoring of municipal discharges for occasional spills
  2. Inclusion in a «battery of tests» for monitoring aqueous environmental samples
  3. Detection of potential toxicity in raw materials
  4. Used as a convenient research and teaching tool

Used within Universities across North America, the Toxi-ChromoTest kit can be tailored to meet the demands of any university student. Used in support of a graduate thesis, or as a learning tool for laboratory use at the undergraduate level.  Please contact for more information on EBPI’s line of educational kits.