S9 Activation Enzymes – Ames


S9 is a crude liver enzyme extract that can, under certain conditions, convert materials without any genotoxic activity to active genotoxic entities. The chemical process involved may be different for different materials. In addition, the lifetime of the activated moieties is extremely variable: some may be extremely short-lived. This is the reason for incubating the S-9 with the bacteria and the tested material at the same time during the assays.

S9 Activation Enzymes include:

Buffers, NADP, Sugars, Liver Enzymes and Controls

The Muta-ChromoPlate kit is recommended to be tested with and without the S9 Activation Enzymes.  EBPI’s S9 Activation Enzymes contain enough reagents to be used in parallel with the Muta-ChromoPlate kit.  The 5051S9 Activation Enzymes contain enough liver enzymes and reagents for 12 sample plates (please contact EBPI for modification of the 5051S9 to meet your requirements).

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