All-in Portable microscope

The  All-in Portable Microscope is a lightweight, small size, very practical and user-friendly microscope, which is suited for a variety of analyses of small objects in the laboratory as well as in the field. Despite it low cost, the All-In portable microscope has multiple assets which are normally only found in quite expensive laboratory microscopes.


The All-In portable microscope is provided with a revolver with 3 objectives (4 x, 10 x and 40 x), and two eyepieces (5x and 16x), to obtain magnifications of 20x
to 640x It also has a special Barlow lens which allows to increase the magnifications at each combination of objective and eyepiece by a factor up to 2x.

Microscopic stage with cross-table

The stage of the All-In portable microscope is equipped with a cross-table to clamp slides and freely move them on the stage in all horizontal directions, with the aid of 2 lateral screw knobs.


The All-In portable microscope has 2 separate lighting units with LED’s, to make observations with illumination, “from the bottom” (transmitted light) for observation of transparent specimens, or “from the top” (incident illumination) for analysis of non trans parent specimens. A combination of both types of
illumination is also possible. Illumination of the All-In portable microscope in the laboratory is obtained with a 240V/5V wall connector
transfo with an extension cord and plug.
Contrary to all laboratory microscopes, the All-In portable microscope can, however, be used “anywhere, anytime” (in the laboratory, in the field and at any site) independently of the electricity mains. The illumination is provided by a small battery holder containing three 1.5 V batteries, and which is connected to the microscope by an extension cord with plug.
The 3 batteries provide full light intensity for more than 2 weeks of continuous (24h) use which is equivalent to over 600 observations of half an hour each!

Direct observations on a computer screen

A further major asset of the All-In portable microscope is the “MicrOcular” camera housed in an ocular tube. This digital camera with the ocular tube is placed in the eyepiece holder of the microscope and connected to a USB port of a computer for direct microscopic observations on the computer screen. The accompanying CD-ROM has 2 specific software programmes for observation and video capture of living organisms, and for storage of microscopic views in a computer file.


The All-In portable microscope is stored in a handy lightweight carrying case with grip and shoulder strap. The case contains a panel provided on both sides with compartments for storage of the removable parts of the microscope and for various accessories for preparation of specimens and slides.
Unique microscope accessories are e.g.:
  • Nonbreakable (plastic) slides and coverglasses which bypass the classic “glass breakage” problems
  • Special nonbreakable coverglasses with grid, for countings and/or length measurements
  • A mini-filtration unit for concentration of microscopic organisms (e.g. plankton) and/or materials in suspension. The mini-filtration unit consists of a 10 ml syringe and a small filter holder in which 10 μm nylon gauze filters are placed
  • A transparent observation chamber with 4 com
  • A “microCut” device to prepare thin slices of (soft) biological materials.partments, which can be placed directly on themicroscope stage

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