Espectrofotómetro Jenway 6300 VIS

The Model 6300 (Visible range: 320-1000 nm) is designed to provide the user with a high quality, low cost measurement system for routine analysis.

A customised LCD gives simultaneous readout of wave-length and photometrid result. Error messages, prompts, mode indication and a choice of concentration units are presented in an easily understood format.
Simple keypad layout and operating protocols ensure reliable operation by unfamiliar users.
  • An impressive optical performance minimises the stray light by the automatic activation of internal filters, whilst the narrow 8nm bandwidth provides the high degree of selectivity essential for most analytical situations. A precision stepper motor gives excellent positional control for the optical grating ensuring wavelength selection is both accurate and highly repeatable.


  • A versatile sampling system comprising a large cell chamber and the variable l ength cuvette holder allow 10- 100mm cells to be accommodated with ease, therefore changing of the sample confi guration is quick and simple.


  • Traceable calibration standards provide the on-going assurance of accuracy required by Good Laboratory Practice (G.L.P.). The 6300 VIS complies fully with EEC and US directives relating to ESD/EMC emission and susceptibility.

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