This kit includes reagent, diluent and LumoStix™ devices to conduct 20 individual measurements. Bacteria are packaged to permit 4 determinations per vial and the LumoStix™ devices are manufactured for use in the portable Kikkoman PD30 luminometer. This easy to use kit allows for rapid, direct toxicity assessments for screening applications. Replacement kit components can be bought individually to meet testing requirements and bulk pricing is available for large volume orders.


1.   1243-305 – Freeze dried Aliivibrio fischeri reagent vials x 5 (each vial can accomodate 4 toxicity determinations).

2.   1243-310 – 1 bottle of reagent diluent (12 mL) which is sufficient to reconstitute all reagents.

3.   1243-315 – LumoStixTM assessment devices x 20

4.   Kikkoman PD30 Luminometer (sold separately, pricing available upon request).

Rapid Screening Method (LumoStix™) Test

This method employs a novel, patent pending sampling and test device called the LumoStix™. Swabs at each end of the device provide both a sampling and test location. A single sample is taken directly off a surface using the swab. The prepared BioTox™ reagent is measured into one end of the device and the initial luminescence is measured. The device is then flipped and the reagent moves through the device into the end containing the sample swab. After an appropriate incubation time the luminescence is again measured to determine toxicity of the sample from direct contact.

This assay is extremely easy to use and can be implemented for individual samples. The method isalso extremely useful for taking measurements directly off solid surfaces and can detect residues from cleaning products as well as chemical contamination in environmental samples

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